We may collect your personal information if you use Prutus and open an Account to use the Platform or perform any transactions on the platform. This is defined as collection for the purpose of provision of service(s) to you.

The types of Personal Information which we collect may include:

  1.  your name;
  2.  your photographic identification
  3.  details from your identity documents (such as driver license, passport), number of the document, date of issue and expiration, photographic identification, address etc.;
  4.  your address;
  5.  your phone number;
  6.  your e-mail address;
  7.  your IP address, Browser and Operating System information;
  8.  your banking details including account numbers;
  9.  your date of birth; and
  10.  your trades

We will process your Personal Information only for the purpose(s) of providing to you the service(s) that you ask us to provide you and to satisfy the legal obligations stemming from regulatory obligations that arise from providing you the service(s).

We may use your Personal Information for the following purposes:

  1.  to allow you to open and operate an account on the platform;
  2.  to enable you to complete transactions on the platform;
  3.  if you contact us, to reply to your queries;
  4.  to analyze use of our Site;
  5.  as required for regulatory purposes such as Tax, prevention of Money Laundering, prevention of Fraud, adherence to Company statistical reporting obligations etc.;
  6.  to provide you with information about products and promotions that may be of interest to you, from ourselves and third parties, although only if you have specifically agreed to receive such information;
  7.  for market research e.g. surveying our Users' needs and opinions on issues, such as our performance etc. Unless consented, your data for this purpose would be anonymized.